Are reviews screened and verified?

HW screens reviews manually by a moderator to ensure the review meets our privacy and community guidelines, as well as our legal responsibilities. We do not assess reviews posted by our community for accuracy. The reviews are published as a community members opinion, not as fact. 

If in rare cases, an inappropriate or factually untrue review is published, you can report the review to HerWerk.  In this instance we will contact the community member who posted the review and investigate the matter. 

Will my review remain anonymous?

Yes. Your review will remain anonymous and no identifying information will be included in the published review.

Why do I have to provide and email to write a review?

HerWerk need to confirm that a review has been written by a real person. This helps us to identify and eliminate spam or illegitimate reviews. By supplying Her Work with your first name and an email address, it gives us a way to ensure the credibility of the information being provided in the review. It also means we can let you know if your review is moderated or responded to.

How do I submit an employer review?

Go to: www.herwerk.com.au/review to leave a rating and review. Every form submission is moderated before being published. All reviews are anonymous. You are welcome to submit multiple reviews on different companies you have worked for.


If you have any questions regarding employer review publication or the practices of this Site, please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to hello@herwerk.com.au