HerWerk exists to make the workplace better for women.

We are the only local platform where women can come to anonymously share their insights on what it’s really like to work in their company.  We’re also bringing together a community of women offering their career advice to support each other.

There are many places online where we share advice on everything from pregnancy and parenthood to travel and business ideas, so why not a place for career advice?

We know that women face unique challenges in the workplace, which we too often navigate alone.

When I made the difficult decision to leave a job I loved a few years ago, I felt very alone.

I’d returned from maternity leave to find the part time role I’d negotiated pre pregnancy, would soon be gone. A new director had made it clear they wouldn’t support part time or flexible work.  With a baby and other family commitments, I wasn’t willing to go full time so I had to step down. I was lucky to have the choice.

At the time I didn’t know where to look for advice on my situation.  And I remember thinking ‘I wish there was somewhere I could share how my experience differed from my employers’ promoted policies.’

I went on to create my own career consultancy business, and I heard stories of women who had been overlooked for promotion or consistently paid less than their male peers.  Among my friends with small children, some had very supportive employers, but others were made redundant whilst still on maternity leave. It was becoming clear to me that not all companies are created equal.

Most of these employers (including mine) had all the right HR policies in place, but there is a disconnect between their policies and the lived experience of women in the workplace. 

I believe we deserve more workplace transparency, and employers need to know where they can improve.

This is why I created HerWerk. To shed a light on how workplaces treat women, so we can make more informed career decisions. 

HerWerk is a resource for women to find out everything they need to know before applying to a company, from what the actual pay gap is, to how much flexibility is really offered.  HerWerk will also be the place for women to share advice on the issues that are particularly relevant to them, at all stages of their career.

By sharing your insights and participating in the HerWerk community, you’re helping make Australian workplaces better.  Support women to make more informed career decisions by rating a company you’ve worked for (it only takes two minutes I promise).

*by women we refer to any person identifying as a women.