Are you looking for a new job and wondering how you can find out more about prospective employers?  Okay so you’ve read the company info on the website, reviewed some LinkedIn employee profiles, now what?

According to; 74% of job seekers research potential companies online. Employer review sites are an excellent resource to add to your job search toolkit. Reading reviews by current and past employees of what it’s really like to work for a company can provide you with valuable insights into their culture, benefits and opportunities for growth.

Can you trust review sites?

As most employer reviews are anonymous it can be difficult to verify the information provided. However, as along as the site conducts human audits of user generated reviews and have practises that detect potentially inaccurate reviews, ‘fake’ reviews are unlikely to be published.

By accessing all the resources available to you when job seeking, including information provided by employees, you will be much more empowered when it comes to making your next career move.


1. Seek

Seek is the most popular job search platform in Australia and they have recently expanded their site to include a company review section.  Seek’s company section lists 1000’s of reviews of local and international employers. Whilst there isn’t detailed info on an employee’s experience, it’s a good place to start your research and provides and some insight into the company.

2. Glassdoor

The largest employer review website globally, Glassdoor has been expanding its’ Australian presence in recent years. As well as over million reviews, you can also browse CEO approval ratings and salary reports. Whilst many of the companies reviewed are international, you will likely find reviews of most major Australian companies here.

3. Comparably

Comparably has a strong focus on culture and salary information. Their detailed questions made their reviews insightful and practical to job seekers looking for a better workplace. We found reviews for larger Australian companies as well as international firms with local offices. Because it’s an international site, you get the benefit of seeing global trends, however you may struggle to find much detail on local office culture.

4. Firsthand

Firsthand has an emphasis on internships and graduate jobs. Their company overview and review pages provide detailed info on culture and day to day work practises. The real benefit here is that reviews are provided by interns just after they complete their placement and include details on interview questions and the application process. This means there is a lot of up to date info for job seekers about to embark on their career.

5. HerWerk

HerWerk was created to provide anonymous employee reviews focused on women’s experience of the workplace. We set out to measure women’s satisfaction with aspects including; culture, flexibility, salary, development opportunities, equity measures and family friendliness. As the only local site focused specifically on the these issues, we hope to provide a lot of data to help Australian women make better career decisions. Help us empower more women in the workforce by leaving a review here.

Where do I start my company research?

We recommend reading as much about your potential employer on their own website and social media channels as a first step.  Spend time reviewing info about the company on LinkedIn and look up the profiles of relevant employees. Ask yourself if the company and the team look like a good fit with your goals and career interests. If so, it’s time to search trusted reviews sites like ours to get an insider’s view on the culture, opportunities for development, work life balance and equity measures.

Changing jobs is a big deal and you deserve to have access to honest information to help you make the best decision.